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Contest: Fashion Week Swag Bag

Hello ladies (and/or Gents)

Up for grabs is a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Goodie-Bag filled to the brim with delightful little items to make you ooh! and ahh! for days on end. Bring a little Fashion Week into your life with the following collectibles, supposedly valued at over $200.00! Continue reading »

Has Technology Killed Highly Consumed Art? Part 2 of 3: Music

Technology has brought tremendous advancements in the production of art and media throughout the years, but the most hyperbolic changes have taken place in the last ten. I want to share with you,  my personal views and experiences in the realms of photography, music and motion pictures. In this segment, I’ll discuss music.

I can make the same correlation with music. Before streaming and cloud-based audio, there were mp3’s. Before mp3’s there were CD’s. Before those we had cassettes, and before cassettes there was 8-track, and vinyl. And before vinyl, we had to listen to music live, as it was being made by the artists themselves. From the consumer’s perspective, the technological progress in the music industry has done two things: 1) The navigating, acquiring and listening to a collection of music has become ridiculously efficient. 2) The physical space needed to store one’s music collection  has been reduced from X to 0. Where X is a basement full of records, X/2 is a bookcase of cassettes, X/3 is a drawer full of CD’s, X/1000 is an iPod and X/infinity is the cloud. Oh, and 5X would be the concert hall. This is all great for business as the consumer’s level of convenience keeps escalating with each advancement, but what has it done to the music, or more importantly, our perception of it? And what has it done to the hopes and dreams of ambitious young musicians who thought they’d be the next Big Thing? Continue reading »

Has Technology Killed Highly Consumed Art? Part 1 of 3: Photography

Technology has brought tremendous advancements in the production of art and media throughout the years, but the most hyperbolic changes have taken place in the last ten. I want to share with you,  my personal views and experiences in the realms of photography, music and motion pictures. In this segment, I’ll discuss picture taking.

There are many photography purists out there that look upon the digital revolution with contempt. They argue that film produced better pictures with more “soul” and other silly metaphors. They are mostly people in their 40s and above who become increasingly resistant to change. They are also angry that the same photographic process that took them a week can now be done in a day. Bah humbug! Photoshop? Lightroom? Aperture? They don’t want to learn all this new software. They just want to sit in the darkroom all day while sipping on grasshoppers and listening to Bing Crosby. While its wrong to simply dismiss digital photography altogether because it’s soul-less or whatever, there is something to be said about the aesthetic and sentimental quality of the photograph from the days of film. Continue reading »

New York Takes Off The Pants

Yesterday was pretty cold in New York City. But that didn’t deter faithful pranksters from stripping their bottoms in the annual No Pants Subway Ride. The tradition started in 2002 as 7 members of the group Improv Everywhere took to the subways without pants. The following has grown over the years, as over 3,500 subway riders now join in the the scantly clad fun. Other cities all over the world have also adopted the tradition. Yours truly was considering the battle against pants this year, but I need a tan.

Groups typically meet up at 6 or so locations throughout the city and are instructed to take specific trains. If asked by someone why they’re not wearing pants, pranksters simply reply, “Oh I didn’t even notice. I must have forgotten them today”. Continue reading »

Off-Topic Tuesday: The Evolution of Tablets, According to Motorola

You gotta hand it to Motorola. They’re an outfit that has bounced back from dire circumstances over and over again. They have had long stretches of success, and periods of just horrible products, but since they scored big with the original Motorola Droid last November, the company has been setting its sights on complete mobile device domination. They’ve been able to do so with aggressive marketing campaigns like the one seen here that elevate their products to epic proportions. This teaser for Motorola’s upcoming Everest Tablet literally has it sitting on a pedestal. Of course we all remember the first Droid Teaser, which caused the biggest anti-iPhone uproar to date. Or how about this follow-up, which basically said “The iPhone is for girls, you ain’t a girl, are you?” Well, they’re doing it again, while blatantly targeting the iPad and even the innocent, recently released Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Continue reading »

Flickr Photostream Friday: Nerboo

This is the first installment of a weekly segment I’ll be covering called Flickr Photostream Friday.

Not all photostreams are created equal. When browsing through millions of users on Flickr, its easy to get lost in a sea of mediocrity, as discussed  here. Once a week, I’ll be bringing you the best of the best (according to me) of the photostreams that never get stale.


User Nerboo has been my contact for about a year now, and I’m always enamored with his work. He focuses primarily on self portraiture, with dedicated attention to various 365 projects. Typically, when taking pictures of the same subject every day, for hundreds of days, its easy to lose focus and interest. Its easy to get bored and lose your audience with the same boring shot of your face day in and day out. Not the case here. Nerboo is fully conscious of these pitfalls and stays on course. He manages to hold attention and interest with every single shot. His use of lighting and texture are often flawless and always complementary. Also worth noting is the variation in colors, contrast and framing in each successive picture within his ‘stream. We’ll never see the same background two pictures in a row, nor the same scale or perspective. Continue reading »

Primer: The 10 Typical Flickr Users

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past decade, Flickr is perhaps the largest picture hosting and sharing community on the planet. As a user, your cumulative collection of uploaded images is called your Photostream. We’ll now examine who the typical users are, and what kind of pictures they take. Continue reading »

Kuwait Puts Major Bans on DSLR Cameras: UPDATE: Not Really

Remember that scene in A Bronx Tale when Sonny thinks Calogero has planted a bomb under his car? He smacks him up a bit in a rage, only to later realize it was paranoia. That’s what’s kind of happening today in Kuwait with civilians toting Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras.

Photography in the middle eastern country has long been a touchy subject, with fears of ill intent constantly permeating the atmosphere. These recent guidlines have been put into effect by more Ministries than you can shake a stick at. The new strict laws state that DSLRs cannot be used in public, streets or malls except for purposes of journalism. Many photographers, both hobbyists and professionals have been forced to shift their interests and seek inanimate objects and landscapes as their new subjects.

Its stories like this that break my heart, but also make me feel fortunate that I live in a free(er) country. If I was ever told I couldn’t take pictures, or make any kind of art because the Gov’ment said so, I think I’d likely jump ship. On the other hand, some of the best art is produced with limited resources and the strictest of rules. I can see some incredible HDR photography developing in Kuwait soon.

UPDATE: The Kuwaiti Times issued the following retraction:

On Saturday, November 20, 2010 the Kuwait Times published an article titled ‘Multi ministry camera ban frustrates artists’ in which incorrect information was provided. The newspaper regrets failing to verify the information. The article wrongly stated that a ban on DSLR cameras was implemented by the Ministries of Information, Social Affairs and Finance. This information is false. In a follow up investigation, it was proved that no such ban has been issued. We regret this error and deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused.

[Kuwait Times] via [Engadget]